VSCO Film for ACR 9, 8 & 7: Viewing applied VSCO Film preset

You will be able to view which preset has been applied to your images in the Curves or Camera Calibration, depending on which VSCO Film Pack has been applied.

For VSCO Film 01 & 02, you will find the preset applied in the Camera Calibration Panel. At this time, this will only show which film stock you have used. For example, if you have used Fuji 160c++, you will only be able to see that you used a Fuji 160c Preset, and not the ++ variation.

For VSCO Film 03 & 04, you will find the preset applied in the Curves Panel. This information will tell you exactly which Preset that was applied. For example, it will show you that you've used Agfa Scala c+, and not just Agfa Scala.

Here are the two examples in ACR