VSCO Mobile Presets 01

VSCO Mobile Presets 01 (MP1) is a new desktop offering from VSCO. MP1 consists of a diverse range of 58 beautiful presets and was designed to help you easily recreate the same looks celebrated on VSCO’s mobile app when editing your images in Adobe Lightroom for CC, 6, 5 or 4 or ACR for PS CS6 and CC.

You can learn more by checking out the walkthrough video.


Here are some sample images with the presets applied:

Preset: F3

Preset: P2


Preset: M5



Included presets:


Aesthetic Series

Analog / A Series A4 - A6

Contemporary Collection

Analog / A Series A1 - A3

Limited Edition Collection

Analog Classic / K Series K1 - K3

BW Light Tone / X Series X4 - X6

Black & White Classic / B Series B1 - B3

Black & White Heavy Fade / X Series X1 - X3

Black & White Moody / B Series B4 - B6

Bright + Clean / S Series S1 - S3

Bright + Warm / S Series S4 - S6

Faded & Moody / T Series T1 - T3

Instant + Classic / P Series P7 - P9

Instant + Cool / P Series P4 - P6

Instant + Warm / P Series P1 - P3

Mellow / Fade / F Series F1 - F3

Mood : Subtle Fade / M Series M4 - M6

Mood : Underexposed / M Series M1 - M3

Portraits / G Series G1 - G3

Vibrant Classic / C Series C1 - C3

Minimalist Collection

Minimalist / A Series A7 - A10


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