VSCO Membership: How to use video on VSCO FAQ

You could access the VSCO Studio by tapping here.

Video editing and publishing is available to anyone who has a VSCO Membership. 

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If you are looking for help on how to edit a video, please see our article "How to edit a video"

Can I edit any video on VSCO?

On iOS, we support all video resolutions and frame rates captured from the native iOS camera. This includes all formats between the highest setting of 4k at 60 fps and the lowest setting of 720p HD at 30 fps and both slow-motion options of 1080p HD at 120 fps and 1080 HD at 240 fps.

Your video resolution will export the same size as the imported video (i.e. If importing a 4k resolution video, it will export in 4k resolution as well), however there maybe a slight reduction in file size.

For more information on image resolution, please see our article "Image resolution when exporting from VSCO."




On Android, we support videos that are natively captured in 1080p, 720p at 30 and 60 FPS.

For DSLR / Mirrorless or any other non-mobile video source, you can import up to 4k video resolution. Please note that some video formats and codecs may not be supported at this time. 


Can I save videos to my Studio or publish to my VSCO profile?

Videos you edit in VSCO can be either saved to your Camera Roll/ Gallery or published to VSCO. 

To save a video to your Camera Roll/Gallery you must first edit the video and then tap 'Next' in the top right corner to export the video. 

To post your video to VSCO, tap on the + Import icon in your Studio, tap on the 'Videos' section to locate your video and tap on 'Post' in the bottom right corner. 


Some tools are missing from video editing compared to photo editing, will these be made available for video editing in the future?

Not all tools available for photo editing will be made available for video editing. This includes the clarity, perspective correction, grain, and borders tools. 


Can I capture video on VSCO?

We currently do not have an ETA for the release of a video capturing feature with the in-app VSCO camera at this time. 


What’s the maximum video file size I can import and edit in VSCO?

We do not have a maximum file size or video length, but depending on your device’s available resources you may experience certain limitations.

Please ensure that you have enough internal storage to export your video.


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