VSCO X: How to Manage or Cancel Your VSCO X Membership

How do I cancel my trial or the auto-renewal of VSCO X?

The VSCO X trial is a 7 day period, if you wish to cancel your trial or disable the auto-renew function here’s how:

To cancel your trial or auto-renewal on iOS:

Tap on Profile.jpg, then tap on Settings.jpg:

IMG_0158.PNG IMG_0159.PNG

Tap on Support, then Manage Subscription.

IMG_0161.PNG IMG_0160.PNG

You are asked to open the iTunes app and you will be taken to your membership panel. From here you will be able to cancel your membership.


Here is a video that demonstrates a cancellation for iOS in real time:


To cancel your trial on Android:

Launch the Google Play app. Search for VSCO, and tap on the app icon.

Screenshot_20171128-152858.png Screenshot_20171128-152903.png

Tap on manage subscriptions, then tap on manage.

Screenshot_20171128-151624.png Screenshot_20171128-151629.png

Tap on Cancel Subscription:


Here is a video that demonstrates a cancellation for Android in real time:


How do I cancel my VSCO X membership?

To cancel your purchase of a membership you will need to reach out to Apple Support or Google Play Support.

What is the refund policy?

All payments are made up-front for the membership period. We do not offer any refunds, though you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time. For more information please visit Apple Support and Google Play Support.

What happens if I cancel the VSCO X membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time, and your membership will be functional until the end of the membership period. At that point, the membership-only presets and learning/feedback tools will go away. All edits to your images will remain with those photos, journal posts and DSCOs.