How to create and apply a Recipe

With Recipes, you can edit with ease and recreate your favorite looks on any image in your VSCO Studio.

To learn more about Recipes, check out our Introducing Recipes journal.


Creating a Recipe

First, you will need to make edits to an image.

Once you are finished editing and want to create a Recipe, tap on the Recipe icon Decision_List.png  

Tap on the Recipe creation icon IMG_5EA0E5CE11AF-1.jpeg to create a new Recipe.




Once the recipe is created, you will see it in your Recipe dock anytime you tap on the Recipes icon Decision_List.png 




Apply a Recipe to an Image

Tap on an image, then tap on the Edit iconTools.png



Tap on the Recipes icon Decision_List.png and tap on a Recipe to apply to any image.

You will see the edits that were applied to the image in this view.

Swipe left on any applied toolkit or preset edit to adjust or delete the edit. 

Please note there is currently no option to apply a recipe to multiple images.

If you wish to apply edits from one image to multiple images, please see our article on how to copy and paste edits. 


IMG_7266.PNG     IMG_7267.PNG


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