Staying Safe with Messages

We created Messages with the intent to help you further your creativity by engaging with other community members. We also offer features to keep you safe when using Messages.

If you have any concerns while using Messages, please tap on Options_lge.png in the top right corner of the message. From here, you will be presented with the following options:

Block – Blocking a user will end the relationship between you and another person on VSCO. Here’s more information on Blocking & VSCO.

Report - There are a few reasons you may want to report a message. If you are concerned for the other person’s safety, your own safety, if the message contains inappropriate content, or if the thread makes you uncomfortable, please choose the correct category and report this to VSCO to review.

If you encounter inappropriate content on VSCO, we recommend that you to report this to VSCO as well.

Leave – Leaving a conversation will temporarily remove that conversation from your list of messages. If you do not block or unfollow the person that you left the conversation with, they are still able to message you and re-open this thread.

Another option to stay safe on Messages is to unfollow someone. Someone can only message you if you are following them. If you do not want to be messaged by someone you can unfollow them to remove this possibility. To unfollow a user, you will need to visit their profile on VSCO, tap on Options_lge.png in the top right corner, and tap on 'Unfollow'

If you have any other questions about VSCO and your safety, please refer to our additional Trust & Safety articles.