VSCO Membership: How to use Film X

We are extremely excited to offer the latest and most advanced way to edit images with VSCO: Film X presets.

To take advantage of everything that is offered with Film X presets, we encourage you to shoot images in RAW format with the VSCO in app camera. You can always take images with the VSCO in app camera or import images that are not RAW, however, you won't have as much flexibility when editing an image. You can also import RAW files from cameras that are support by Apple. Please not that we do not offer the ability to shoot in RAW or import RAW images on Android at this time.

To enable RAW in your VSCO app, tap or pull down on the camera icon at the top of your Studio and tap on the 'RAW' icon to enable RAW capture on your camera.


After you've captured an image, tap on the image you wish to edit and tap Tools.png


On the following screen, tap on the Film X preset you wish to apply to your image. Note: Film X presets are shown within a white box.

If you'd like to use the advanced Film X controls, tap on the same Film X preset that you applied to your image.

Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_6_-_2017-12-15_at_16.39.51.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_-_iPhone_6_-_2017-12-15_at_16.40.08.png

Film X controls include Strength, Character and Warmth

Strength - This option gives the creator the option to adjust the preset strength of the image.

Character - Film X is a physical model of film and not just a recreation of one look, it's able to capture this range of personality by altering conditions of the physical model. This range of personality we refer to as Character.

Warmth - Film responds to varying scenes in somewhat unpredictable ways, which can often lead to images that may look too warm or too cool. To handle this, we also exposed some of the controls in the scanner portion of the physical model. We refer to this as Warmth.

You can then apply any other adjustments that you'd like to your image with the adjustment tab.

We hope you enjoy using Film X and look forward to seeing the awesome images you create! Be sure to tag your images #vscox or #filmx when you post online.