VSCO Membership: Borders

Celebrate your favorite images within adjustable and colorful frames to your photos. Please note this feature is not available for video at this time.

In your Studio Screen_Shot_2019-09-23_at_3.39.56_PM.pngtap on any image and tap on the Edit icon Artboard__1_.png 




In the Edit view, tap on the Edit icon again Artboard__1_.png and swipe left on the tool dock at the bottom of the screen to reach the end.

Tap on the Borders icon Borders_Icon.png  to add a frame to your image.




Select a color and drag the slider to change the size of your border.

Note: Tapping on the color again will remove the border.




After framing your image, tap on the Finish icon √ to complete the edit.


3__1_.png 4.png

To save your edit, tap Next at the top right corner of the screen and from here you can choose to save a draft of your edit, Save to Camera Roll or Post to VSCO.


 IMG_0140.PNG     IMG_0139.PNG