How to publish and share your images

You could access the VSCO Studio area by tapping here.

You can share one image at a time to your VSCO Profile, or multiple images in other apps such as email, text, WhatsApp, etc. 

To share an image to your VSCO Profile, tap on one image in your Studio Screen_Shot_2019-09-23_at_3.39.56_PM.png and tap on the Publish icon Publish.png.




On the Publish Image screen, you can add a caption and tap on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like to share to other social networks. When you are ready to publish your image, tap on √ in the top right corner.




To share your images on email, text messages, WhatsApp, or social media, tap on the photo(s) you wish to share and tap on the Options icon ... and choose your share option. 


  IMG_0819.PNG     IMG_0818.PNG


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