Are my images in full resolution?

On iOS:

Your images are maintained at full resolution when exporting at actual size.

On Android: 

Depending on the available memory of your device, minimal image scaling may occur.

Most Android devices are quite constrained in memory despite some having upwards of a few gigabytes of memory, but applications are not allowed to use all of that available memory and thus we have to make due with what is given to us from Android.

Large images may be downsized up to 50% when importing depending on the device you are on and available memory.  If you are wanting a specific crop without losing quality, the best thing to do would be to crop the image before bringing it into VSCO.

Our image processing techniques are very memory and processor intensive and allow us to achieve a quality not found in other applications and therefore we continue to push the boundaries of these resource constrained devices, but we are continuing research and work to improve the ability to import larger photos.