Image Resolution When Exporting From VSCO

When exporting images from VSCO, we offer one export size on both iOS and Android.

This means your image will export in full resolution with no change to the image dimensions. The file size maybe reduced when exporting from VSCO.

There are a number of different words used to describe an image: file size, resolution (image quality), and dimensions (size). 


File size

The amount of data a file (image) contains. Standard compression from Apple and Android's image processing that VSCO relies on will apply compression, or file size reduction, to the image. This will slightly reduce the file size of the exported image from VSCO. This could happen regardless of whether or not a preset or edit is applied to the image. Example: an iPhone XS image is typically 3 MB (megabytes) in size. If you import this 3 MB image it maybe reduced to around 1.5-2 MB once exported. This should have no visible effect on your image quality on your mobile device.



Resolution is the number of pixels in an image. Lower resolution is typically used for images viewed on a mobile device or computer, higher resolution is typically used for images that are printed on paper. Images captured on mobile devices can be viewed without quality loss on the device or can be printed at smaller sizes. However, if you print the image from your mobile device at a larger size, you may notice a loss in resolution or 'pixelation' of the printed image.  You can typically print an image edited with VSCO up to 5 x 7 inches without too much loss of resolution. Anything larger and you would need to use a camera that has more megapixels, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 


Dimensions (size)

This is the width and length of an image (size) measured in pixels or inches. When exporting from VSCO, the dimensions or size of the exported image will remain the same as the imported image. Example: an iPhone XS image is typically 3024 x 4032 pixels in size. The 3024 x 4032 iPhone image imported into VSCO will have the same dimensions of 3024 x 4032 when exported. 


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