I'm not receiving a password reset or account verification email

Email domains typically have spam filters that may prevent emails from VSCO from being delivered to your main email inbox.


Please check the following items to ensure you can receive emails from VSCO.

1. Check your junk or spam e-mail folders.

2. Sign out of the VSCO account and back into the account to re-send an email verification.

3. Add the email  email domain to your address book or allowed incoming email.

4. Check your email security settings. In some cases a high security setting for your email will block email from VSCO. 

5. If you are using Gmail and have the 'primary', 'social' and 'promotions' tabs, please be sure to check the 'promotions' tab for the email from VSCO.

6. Wait up to an hour for the email from VSCO to arrive. If you still don't see the email, request another password reset or account verification email. 


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