VSCO Film 04: Why is Kodachrome not included in Film 04?

When you first open VSCO Film™ 04, you'll see a pretty extensive list of films here with one black and white film called Agfa Scala, seven Fuji films including Astia, Provia, Fortia and Velvia, and three Kodak Ektachrome films. Now, I know right away many of you are wondering if Kodachrome is in this pack, and the answer, sadly, is no. With Provia 400X discontinued just recently, now all but four of these films are discontinued. However, we're still able to process them and do our test procedure to recreate these films here because they all use the standard E-6 development process, which is still widely available.

However, Kodachrome's complex K-14 process ended completely in 2010 with Dwayne's Photo in Kansas, so even though we could physically get rolls of Kodachrome, unfortunately, we have no way of processing these films and no way of creating emulations with the integrity and authenticity we strive for. No one is more sad about this than us! However, the Kodak Ektachrome films here are absolutely wonderful and we're really excited about all of the Fuji films we have as well.

Be sure to watch this great walkthrough video on VSCO Film 04 here: