VSCO Film for Adobe Lightroom CC, 6, 5 & 4: The New Kodak Portra 800HC

You may have noticed that when increasing the contrast in Lightroom 6, 5 & 4, skin tones sometimes start to take on a very strange and undesirable orange or pink tint.

While we have found a way to reduce this effect to get more consistent results like you would see from Photoshop or Capture One, it wasn’t something we could make into a practical Toolkit item. However, we noticed this effect happening naturally with our Portra 800 film preset, so we created Portra 800 HC to help users get a great looking, high-contrast edits of their photos. When used in the correct lighting conditions, Kodak Porta 800 HC brings out a gorgeous effect, but can yield mixed results on images with tungsten or mixed lighting. Still, Porta 800 HC is one of our most unique and certainly one of our favorite presets to date.