EDITING + WORKFLOW: Why do my black and white clipping tools stop working with VSCO Film?

For the most part, VSCO Film is actually clipping the blacks and whites to not hit 100% black and 100% white because we see real film doing this in our test process. This effectively disables the highlight and shadow clip warnings. Obviously, this breaks the rules of "proper" digital technique, and to a certain extent some of that needs to be let go with VSCO Film.

The whole reason people like film is that it's not perfect, and this is one big aspect of that. You can set your exposure with the clipping tools before VSCO Film is applied, but you may find you need to readjust it anyways after VSCO Film is applied. We'd encourage you to just trust your eye and forget about what's clipping or not. However, if you do want to keep your blacks and whites all the way at 100% and get your clip warnings back, use the "Fading/Toning - None" Toolkit item.