VSCO Film for ACR 9, 8 & 7: The new Kodak Portra 800HC

If you've ever tried to get a high contrast look out of ACR, particularly with pictures of people, you've probably noticed that very strange look you get that most programs don't do. When people complain about the "orange-y, pinkish" skin tone, usually this is a big culprit. 

In ACR 9,8,& 7, we actually found a way to make high contrast settings that look more like they would in other programs such as Photoshop or Capture One, however it's not something we can make a toolkit for. Portra 800 was already doing this effect a little bit, so we thought it made sense to make a version that takes it further for people looking for a really great high-contrast look light that until now hasn't been possible in ACR7.

You'll notice that dark areas of skin get redder while light areas of skin get more yellow with this preset. In well lit photos, this effect can look  amazing, but in mixed light or in tungsten, it can get pretty unnatural. This is why we didn't just make this be what Portra 800 always does. However, on the right photo it looks amazing and for this reason, we thought it worthwhile to include the new Kodak Portra 800HC.