Why are some features unavailable for VSCO® for Android?

Building VSCO® for Android, we set out to make the best camera app possible. From a technical standpoint VSCO® pushes the envelope when it comes to mobile image processing. Due to some device limitations found while developing for Android, there are some key features that are available for the iOS version that are not available in the Android version of VSCO®.

The features unavailable to Android are:

1. Split Focus and Exposure Tool

2. White Balance Lock

3. Low Storage/Memory Warning

4. Advanced Camera Controls

5. Journals


7. RAW Support

8. Clarity

Please note that though your device may have Android 4.4 and above, this does not mean that VSCO® for Android can be installed.

To properly install VSCO® for Android on your device please make sure your device has the following requirements:

1. Internet connectivity via WIFI or cellular network
2. A rear facing camera
3. Updated Google Android libraries beyond Android 4.4