Can I transfer my VSCO in-App purchase?

You will be able to transfer your VSCO purchases across the platforms in just a few steps. 

 In order to transfer your purchases you must be signed into your VSCO account to ensure the in-app store recognizes your previous purchase(s). Once logged in, you will be able to re-download your previously purchased presets. 

Please note: As long as you are signed into your VSCO account, you will be able to download this purchase again for free. For iOS, tapping 'buy' in red, will prompt an iTunes dialogue. You will tap 'buy' once more within this dialogue, you will be notified that this is already purchased & your download will without payment. For Android, the same idea applies; after tapping 'buy' your download will start without additional payment or password entry.

I purchased presets on my iOS device, and now I've moved to Android:

First and foremost, you must have a VSCO Account. This will tie your purchases to your VSCO Account. If you have not signed up for VSCO Account, please do so on your iOS device. For instructions on how to sign-up for VSCO on your iOS device, please visit this article: How to sign up for a VSCO Profile. This will be the easiest & fastest way to transfer your purchases to your new Android Device. From here, please follow the steps below.

Please note, if your iPhone is 'deactivated' since you have switched platforms, you can still access VSCO via a wifi connection. As always, make sure you have a strong wifi connection during this process and don't allow any notifications, texts or auto lock to interrupt this process.

  1. Log into VSCO on your Android Device
  2. Navigate to the VSCO in-app store
  3. Your purchased Presets will be indicated by "Purchased"
  4. Tap each Preset and choose Re-Download

Note: Before you send any information over, please sign-up for a VSCO Account on your Android device if you have not already.

My purchased presets are missing on my Android device.

If you have purchased VSCO presets on your Android device and have deleted & reinstalled the app, your presets will not load instantly. You will need to re-download or restore your presets. These will be available in your in-app store, for free. 

Please note, you will need to be logged in with the same Google Play store account for you to be   able to download your previously purchased presets for free.

  1. Navigate to the in-app store
  2. Tap the presets you have previously purchased
  3. Re-download the presets.


Flashing or resetting your ROM will reset your device completely, and will no longer be associated with your VSCO purchases. You will be able to re-associate this "new" device to your VSCO purchases via your VSCO Account. 

Sign in to your account, then:

  1. Navigate to the in-app store
  2. Tap the presets you would like to re-download
  3. Tap to re-download your purchases

You will not be charged for this transaction as long as you are signed in with the same Google Play store account used to make this purchase. Look up your Google Play store receipt to confirm which email you have used to make this purchase. 

For more information on specifically restoring your purchases on iOS or Android, visit this article: How to restore purchases.