VSCO: I received a low storage warning when importing or capturing an image

VSCO is a memory intensive application and during our testing and development we found that it works best when there is enough free space on the device. 

Since our recent update to version 3.0 users have voiced their concerns with this and our Engineers have been hard at work on implementing the way VSCO handles low storage. 

Please make sure to be updated to the most current version of the app, in the app store:


If you continue to receive this low storage warning we will have another update soon. In the meantime you can free up space on your device by removing any un-wanted photos, apps, music and video files etc. Freeing up storage space should help and allow to you to continue to import and capture images.

Once you have cleared some space, please restart your device.

As always, you can contact our support team directly at with any additional questions.