VSCO Film for ACR 9, 8 & 7: I can't see my presets (OS X Only)

Since the release of VSCO Film 05, users have been reporting 'missing' presets. These presets, however, are in fact installed correctly, and where they need to be. Due to a glitch somewhere within ACR, not all of the presets show after a certain point. We can tell this because you're still able to scroll through the 'missing' presets, but we just can't see them!

We have a solution for you, to get you up and running asap.

Please navigate to 'go' in your finder task bar. Hold down Option to show Library & click on Library. Navigate to Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > Settings.

- In this folder, you will find your VSCO Film presets. You should also see the Toolkit Items here. Please confirm you do see your Toolkit Items or any other 'missing' presets in this folder.

- If there are any other presets here that aren't VSCO please move them to another folder, and place them back after we've reinstalled VSCO Film. We don't want to lose these presets once we delete the contents of this folder.

- After you have confirmed this folder is ONLY VSCO Film presets, please delete the contents of this folder.

After this settings folder is cleared out, we're going to reinstall VSCO Film. Please be sure to completely re-download your installers from your VSCO account, to ensure you have all of the most up to date installers.

**Only install the camera profiles that you need!** Downloading all camera profiles (nikon, leica, canon, olympus, sony etc) will fill up your ACR presets window and this is where we're finding this glitch is happening.

Please only install the specific camera brand or two that you will need to use.

To locate your installers and license keys, simply log into your VSCO Account as you normally would, go to the gear icon at the top right hand corner of the screen (next to your name), select the film icon and that will take you to your available downloads page. There you will see your available products, the option to download and your unique license key(s) directly beneath that.


Below are two examples of this issue users have been experiencing. Note that there is still room to scroll through the 'missing' presets.