How to share images from another user's VSCO Profile

To share an image from a VSCO Profile, tap the image once to see the Detail view.

Tap on the Options icon Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_4.09.38_PM.png in the top right-hand corner to reveal the Share options.

From here you can choose to copy the link or tap on More for more sharing options.


 IMG_7283.PNG     IMG_7282.PNG




Sharing an image in a message to another VSCO user

You can only share an image with another VSCO user in a message if that VSCO user follows you.

To share the image in a message, tap on the image you want to share once to open the Detail view.

Tap on the Share image iconScreen_Shot_2019-09-26_at_5.08.50_PM.png

Tap on the user you'd like to share the image with and tap on the Forward icon at the bottom of the screen.


IMG_7283.PNG     IMG_7285.PNG


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