VSCO: How do I deactivate my VSCO Account?

You do not need to contact Support to deactivate your account or profile, you can do that here.

If you wish to change your profile name instead of deactivate your account, email us at If you choose this action, do not deactivate your account. Instead please email us with the profile name you'd like to change to. If you can provide us with a few choices, this would help to expedite your request. Note: Your VSCO profile name cannot include any special characters, periods, underscores or capital letters.

Note: You must be logged in to deactivate your account.

Once the account has been deactivated, the VSCO profile name and email address associated with this account cannot be used to create a new account. Deactivating your account will remove all data including your images published to your Grid, Collection, Journal and any images you have synced across different devices. It can also affect restoring your presets in the future. You do need to be logged in to deactivate your account.

That being said, please decide which action you would like to take before proceeding:

- Deactivate your VSCO profile but keep your VSCO account active - This action only deactivates your profile, including Grid, Collections or Journals. Your profile will no longer be accessible by any VSCO member.

- Deactivate your VSCO account which includes your VSCO profile - This action deactivates your entire account — you will no longer be able to access your VSCO profile and purchases, and you will be unsubscribed from all emails.

To reactivate an account, email us at

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