VSCO Profile for Android: My password says incorrect when it's correct

Once in a while a user will not be able to sign in due to an incorrect password warning. Though you may have typed in the right password, we may have a way around this error.

First and foremost, please close out of VSCO and re-launch the app. Next, navigate to login to your VSCO profile and enter your email address and tap "Next"

If you are not currently using an HTC device, do not copy and paste your password into this field. Please manually type in your password.

When using your password make sure there are no spaces before or after your password. These "ghost keys" can often be a solution.

If the password has been typed correctly and it continues to say incorrect, you will need to download a Google Keyboard, to do so:
- Enter Google Play Store, download Google Keyboard
- Go to Settings > Language & Keyboards
- Turn on Google Keyboard

This keyboard should allow you to to successfully sign in.

If not, do you by any chance have the swipe keyboard or assistive keyboard options turned on? This option may vary depending on your Android device)

There are some keyboards in Android that will automatically add an additional black space at the end of your PW which can cause your password to not be accepted. Please check your keyboard settings and turn some of these settings off, retry, and see if that solves your issue.