How Do I Create a Backup and Restore from a Back Up?

In this article, we will explain the backing up and restoring process for VSCO on an iOS device using iCloud or iTunes below. We do not have any specific app recommendations or methods for backing up and restoring VSCO on Android devices. 

Backing up the VSCO app includes backing up all images that have been imported into the app and any edits made to these images. If you have iCloud backup enabled, the backup will be performed daily as long as your device is connected to a wifi signal. If you decide to backup your device using iTunes, we highly recommend backing up your iOS device on a regular basis in case your device is ever replaced, lost, or damaged. Please note that backing up the VSCO app will not back up your created recipes, favorited presets and custom tool order.

If you have upgraded your iPhone you will need to first backup your old device to iCloud or iTunes and then restore the backup on the new device.

To learn more about what is included in Apple’s iCloud backup, please see:  

The article will be divided into two sections:

How to create an iCloud/iTunes backup and how to restore iCloud/iTunes backup.

iCloud backup

1.Launch the iOS Settings app and tap on your AppleID/iCloud profile (this is the first option at the very top of iOS Settings)



2. Tap on the iCloud option


3.Tap on the iCloud Backup option and toggle this to ‘On’


For more information on backing up your iOS device to iCloud or iTunes, we recommend to visit:


iTunes backup

To backup VSCO in iTunes see the following instructions:

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer & open iTunes.

2. Select your device along the top left

3. Go to Summary. Under back ups be sure to have "This Computer" and "Encrypt iPhone backup" selected.

4. Once marked, click on Sync and wait till the process has been completed.

These are the only supported backup methods for VSCO & iOS. If you use another method, we are unable to guarantee the success.

Restoring from a backup up:

Apple has created a comprehensive guide to restore your backup of your device. Please visit the article found below: