VSCO x iOS (v3.5 & newer): How to use Advanced Camera Controls

We have released VSCO v3.5, an update with incredible advanced camera controls for iOS 8.

These advanced settings will help you to create impeccable imagery using VSCO.


The first is Exposure Compensation. This allows you to set the amount of light that the camera can capture.

With advanced White Balance control, you can make adjustments manually using the Kelvin measurements. Lower numbers are cooler (blues), higher numbers are warmer (yellows).

The new manual focus tool allows for much more control of the focus in your photos.

ISO measures the camera's sensitivity to light.

Shutter speed allows you to speed up or slow down your shutter. This reflects in the change in your camera’s aperture.

The last new function of the advanced features is Exposure Compensation. This allows you to set the amount of light that the camera can capture.

Please note: iOS 8 does have a few known issues at this time. These issues are our highest priority and our team is aware of the following bugs:

-When importing images, you will not be able to access all of your photos. If photos are older, we don’t have an exact date, then they may not be accessible via VSCO. 

-VSCO is not currently integrated into Photo Extensions in iOS 8. 

*All advanced camera control functions may vary depending on the device you are using.

**iOS 8 is only supported on iPhone 4s and above.

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