Advanced Camera Controls for iOS: Exposure Compensation

Exposure Compensation is a feature that lets you adjust exposure while in camera mode.

The exposure slider will come in handy for community members who are slowing down or speeding up your shutter speed. (Slower shutter, you will need more light; faster, less light.)

To navigate to the advanced camera controls, slide the joystick up to initiate the camera within VSCO & tap on the options icon next to the shutter button.

Tap on the icon that resembles the sun, this is the Exposure Compensation option.

Tap on auto to start adjusting the slider.

Slide up or left or right to increase or decrease the strength of exposure compensation. Tap on the "A" to the right to complete your use of Exposure Compensation.


Tapping the AUTO button to the left will put your exposure back to auto mode.

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