How to Sign In or Sign Out

Signing Into a VSCO Account

To sign into VSCO, tap on Profile.jpg at the bottom of the tab bar and tap on the 'Sign up to get started' icon. 


Tap on the Sign In text at the bottom of screen. If you tap on 'Sign up with email or sign up with phone number' links you will be directed to create a new account. 

If you previously created an account with Facebook or Google, click on either of these links to continue. 



To sign in with your email or profile name, please make sure the 'email' tab is selected (black).

Once your information has been entered tap on Sign In.




To sign in with your phone number, tap on the 'Phone' tab in the top right corner.


If you are not located in the United States, tap on the country code icon and number and locate your country.

Please do not enter any 0's before your phone number (after the country code has been selected). This will result in an error and you will not be able to sign in. 

Once your information has been entered tap on Sign In.


Signing Out of a VSCO Account

To Sign out, tap on Profile.jpg.

Then tap on Settings.jpg. Tap on Sign Out located at the bottom left of the screen: