Journal: Where is my Journal Manager on iPad?

Navigate to the Menu & tap on your name at the top. If you are not signed in, tap Home and sign into your VSCO Account. If you do not have a VSCO Account view this article on How do I create a VSCO account?.

Once you're logged into your VSCO Account, you will be able to access your Journal Manager.

After tapping on your name, you will be taken to your Grid & Journal Manager. When you are in your Grid Manager, you can access the Journal Manager icon two ways:

Tap the icon above your profile image. This will reveal another icon that will take your to your Journal Manager. 

Or, swipe to the left.

From here you can add, edit & publish Journal content. For more info on how to create a VSCO Journal entry please visit this article.

NOTE: The newest release of VSCO 4.0+ for iOS will not be made available for older versions of iOS. In order to take advantage of the new feature available in this version please update your iOS version to iOS 8 or above.

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