Journal: How to create a Journal post

Disclaimer: Journal drafts are not saved on VSCO's servers. We highly recommend to enable iCloud backup on your device, or backup your device to iTunes after creating a Journal post to save your data. When you publish your Journal, your Journal will be publicly available on VSCO, however please note that we do not recommend this as a backup option for your original Journal draft. 

VSCO Journal creation is available for iOS only at this time. We do not have an ETA for when Journal creation on Android will be released, however, you can currently view Journal posts on Android. Rest assured we will be sure to announce any new information as it’s available.

To create a Journal post, navigate to your Studio by tapping on the center icon in the center. Tap to select an image. Then tap on the publish icon.

Tap + at the bottom left hand side of the screen to add additional content. You will be asked if you would like to create a Journal article. Tap on the checkmark to proceed.


Tap + to add text or images.

Tap on an image you wish to add, and then tap the circle to confirm.

Once confirmed, your image will appear in your post.

To add text, tap on the text icon.

When you feel that your Journal article is completed. Tap on the arrow to proceed to the final steps. You can add a title and subtitle before publishing the Journal article to your profile.

Once you have completed entering your text. You are able to publish the post publicly or privately. The green indication next to the word “Public” is an indication that the article will be public. Tap on the circle to complete the entire article. Private means that your journal has not been published to your followers and can only be viewed by you.

A rainbow boarder will appear around you post. Once the boarder disappears your Journal post will be published.


To view your published article. Tap on the face and then on Journal.