My VSCO Membership is missing

If your VSCO membership is missing, try these steps:

Restore your VSCO Membership in the Settings menu.

 Tap on Profile.jpg to access your Profile. Then tap on Settings.jpg to access your Settings.



Tap on Support.


On an iOS device, tap on 'Restore VSCO Membership' or 'VSCO X subscription'. On Android, tap on 'Restore purchases.'


If you attempt to 'Subscribe Now' to restore your VSCO Membership on an account that does not have a VSCO Membership you will receive the following message below. This means that you have successfully purchased a Membership with Apple or Google, but you are signed into a VSCO account that does not have the VSCO Membership. Please sign into VSCO with any other emails or phone numbers you may have used to create a VSCO account with, which may have your Membership. 


If the steps above did not restore your VSCO Membership, please visit our article I'm Unable to Locate My VSCO Membership.

If you are unable to use or locate your VSCO Membership after performing the steps above, please submit a support ticket here