How Do I Upload Images from My Computer to the App?

Web Uploader allows you to upload your DSLR images to your Studio.

Before uploading your images, log in to your VSCO Account at Make sure that you're signed into VSCO on your mobile device with the same VSCO Account. Be sure to have the option "Automatically download images from VSCO web uploader" enabled. By default, Web Uploader only works over WiFi, you can enable the Web Uploader over cellular data in settings.

Next, to access the uploader, Sign In at the top right corner of the screen on your web browser.

Proceed to select files by clicking the + on the screen or drag and drop your files onto the browser window

Once your upload is complete head to your Studio. You can now edit the images you just uploaded from the Web Uploader to your Studio. Depending on network connection it may take a few minutes for your uploaded images to appear

Please note, this feature is only available for the latest version of VSCO.