VSCO: How to Explore

To use Explore, tap on the globe icon in the bottom left corner of the tab bar.

Tap and hold on any image to preview the image in fullscreen.

To view a VSCO Profile, tap on an image and then tap on their profile name.  

Here, you can also view a VSCO community member’s Images, Journal, or Collection. To view their Collection or Journal, tap on the corresponding categories.


Within Journal, tap any Journal thumbnail image to view the accompanying Journal post. From here, you can scroll through the rest of the images featured in the post. To exit the Journal post, tap on the downward arrow icon in the top left corner of the screen.


Within Collections, double tap any image to either publish this VSCO member’s image to your Collection or Save the image to Studio. You can choose to publish this image to your own Collection later if you would like.


To view your saved images. Tap on the saved images icon at the top left of your Profile:

From here you can find your saved images:

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