VSCO Keys 2.0: Open Source

Although we no longer support VSCO Keys, we have decided to allow our community to keep it alive by making it available for open source. In order to modify a VSCO Keys customized layout,  you’ll need to download the new VSCO Keys 2.O, which is available at

On November 2, 2015 we will be disabling the online VSCO Keys Layout manager. Here we have included the files needed to modify your VSCO Keys layout along with the open source code.

In order to customize a VSCO Keys Layout, you will need a text editor software, here are a few that we recommend:

    - Sublime Text (

    - TextEdit (Native OSX text editor)

    - Notepad++(

    - (


Directions to download Open Source files:

1. Download & install VSCO Keys 2.0 from Github,, for OSX or Windows.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Click on Contribute to view the source code. 


4. Download & decompress the ZIP file.
5. Locate the folder entitled "vscokeys" on your computer.
6. Open the folder entitled "Layout"
7. Right click on the “sampleLayout.keysjson” to open in your text editor. You must right click and choose “Open With…”, select Other and select your text editor. Do not double click it open.


How to edit the file:

1. Open the “samplelayout.keysjson” file. This is the file you will be editing.
2. To find the correct values for input, use the “keymap.json” and “toolkitlistlr4.json” for reference. Change the imtxCode, the adjustment name and the value (if necessary). Refer to the file “keymap.json” to find the imtxCode that maps to a key on your keyboard. Refer to the file “toolkitlistlr4.json” for the adjustment names and values.

Line 10 sets “Q” to the preset VSCO Film 01 LR4 C - Fuji 160C from Film 01
Line 11 sets “W” to decrease saturation by 1
Line 12 sets “E” to increase saturation by 1
Line 13 sets Ctrl + “W” to decrease exposure by 1
Line 14 sets Ctrl + “E” to increase exposure by 1

3. To name the file, change line 2 and line 5 to what you prefer. Only fill in between the quotes. For example: "Test Open Source" & "test."

4. Save the file.
5. Launch Lightroom with VSCO Keys 2.0 enabled.
6. Double click the saved file from "Layout" folder to load into VSCO Keys 2.0.
7. Click on the VSCO Keys 2.0 Icon to change the layout.


VSCO Keys 2.0 open source version is not supported by VSCO and we will not be offering any support.