DSCO: How To Share

Tapping on the arrow icon & Publish to VSCO will immediately share images directly to your VSCO. After you have shared your GIFs to your VSCO you can save to your camera roll and other social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Tap on any of those social media outlets in order to share to your friends.

Note: At this time you cannot upload GIFs to a VSCO Journal post. DSCO GIFs cannot be uploaded at a later time if you are unable to publish due to an error or lack of internet connection. DSCO GIFs must be published directly from DSCO immediately after they are taken.

You can also save your GIFs to your camera roll or choose to auto-save to Camera Roll. To access this setting in DSCO swipe down with two fingers to access your menu. Tap on “auto-save” to toggle on or off.

Please note: DSCO is only available on iOS 8.4+. Update to VSCO v.4.4.2 to see animated GIFs on your VSCO profile.

1.Tap on Publish to VSCO. Note: You must publish to VSCO first before sharing to social networks.

2. To share to any social networks, tap on any icon to share to the social network you wish to share to. If you do not have auto-save to Camera Roll on, you will have the option to save to your Camera Roll as well.

You are able to share to:

Camera Roll






DSCO GIFs can only be uploaded to VSCO from DSCO. You are not able to import the GIF into VSCO at a later time.

Two files will be saved to your camera roll. One version is an .mp4 and the other is a GIF. The GIF file displays as a still image because Photos for iOS does not support GIF playback.

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