How to report inappropriate content on VSCO

To ensure the safety of our VSCO Community, we have provided you with a way to report inappropriate content on VSCO.

Examples of inappropriate content on VSCO include images that are sexually explicit, contain graphic content, violence, self-harm, animal abuse and/or illegal drug use.

For more information, please visit our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use

Please note the images used in the examples below are not considered in violation of VSCO's Terms of Use and are for demonstration purposes only. 


Reporting an image on the VSCO app

Please note that you should only report an image that you believe violates VSCO's Terms of Use

Tap on the Explore icon Screen_Shot_2019-10-10_at_3.46.56_PM.png, Discover icon Screen_Shot_2019-10-10_at_3.48.53_PM.png, or visit a VSCO Profile.



If you need to search for the image or the VSCO Profile that has an image to report, tap on the Discover iconScreen_Shot_2019-10-10_at_3.48.53_PM.png and then the Search icon Screen_Shot_2019-10-10_at_3.50.45_PM.png

You can search for images using the People, Images, or Journal categories.




Tap on the image that is inappropriate, tap on the Options icon Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_4.09.38_PM.png in the top right corner of the screen, tap on Report Image and tap on the reason you want to report the image.


IMG_0487.PNG     IMG_0488.PNG


Reporting an image in a web browser

Visit in your browser. 

To report any inappropriate image on VSCO, click on the image, scroll to the bottom of the page, click or tap on the Options icon Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_4.09.38_PM.png in the far right corner and then click on 'Report Image'. 


Click or tap the reason you want to report the image.

Intellectual Property / DMCA

If you are reporting an intellectual copyright violation, please select 'This is my intellectual property' which will link you to our DMCA form:  


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