Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a feature that shows you who in your address book and Twitter network has VSCO. To access this feature:

Tap on Feed.jpg to go to your Feed, and tap on Follow.jpg.


 Tap on the + to access the Find My Friends menu.


At this screen you will be able to find your friends with three different options.

-Add From Address Book
-Add From Twitter
-Add By Profile Name


If you choose to go through your address book. Enter your phone number, and you will receive an SMS message that contains a confirmation code.


Once confirmed you will be able to see your friends who use VSCO from your Address Book.

When you choose to find your friends through Twitter make sure you are signed into Twitter in your iOS Settings.

Here is an article that shows how to sign into Twitter in your iOS settings:

Tap on Profile.jpg to go to your Profile, and tap on Settings.jpg.


Tap on Social and then tap on Connect to Twitter

Simulator_Screen_Shot_Jun_8__2017__4.30.44_PM.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_Jun_8__2017__4.31.46_PM.png

Once connected to Twitter.

Tap on Feed.jpg to go to your Feed, and tap on Follow.jpg.


Tap the + icon and tap Add from Twitter.


Here, you will see who uses VSCO in your Twitter network.


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