Bullying and Harassment on VSCO

What is bullying and harassment?

Bullying and harassment is unwanted, aggressive behavior by one person toward another where the bully believes that they have power over that person. Bullying can be physical, with a person using their strength, or emotional, to intimidate or control another person. A bully will repeat their aggressive behavior in one community online, or across a number of communities.

There’s no place for bullying or harassment on VSCO.


If you’re being bullied or harassed

It’s important to remember that bullying isn’t about you. The bully believes that they have power over you and is attempting to use that power to intimidate you. Tell a friend or speak with a parent, or another adult that you can trust. If you’re afraid for your immediate safety, please contact a law enforcement official. 

If you feel that you’re being bullied or harassed on VSCO, contact us through submitting a ticket. Please include links to the image or Journal on VSCO with additional details about the bullying or harassment.

Additionally, if you would like to block a user, please see our article on how to block someone.


If a friend is being bullied or harassed

You’re a good friend for noticing that a friend is being bullied or harassed. Please share the information above about how to report this behavior on VSCO with your friend to ensure they feel safe.


Further online resources for bullying and harassment

Cyberbullying Research Center’s Responding to Cyberbullying Top 10 Tips for Teens

HelpGuide’s Dealing with Cyberbullying’s information on how to report cyberbullying