Staying Safe on VSCO

VSCO is a community for expression. We have created tools and articles to ensure that you are staying safe while on VSCO.

1. Location - If you don’t want your followers or anyone using VSCO to know where the images you post were taken, be sure to deactivate this feature in VSCO. If you decide to use the share location feature, we encourage you to be respectful of peoples privacy and to only post images of people who are comfortable with you sharing their location publicly for anyone to see. 

2. Collections - All images you publish to your VSCO Profile can be favorited and republished to a Collection by another VSCO user. You can remove any of your images that were posted to a Collection of another VSCO.

3. VSCO username - You do not have to use your real name when creating a VSCO Account. Here is how to change your username and how to update your profile information

4. Reporting an Image - If an image violates our Terms of Use be sure to report the photo.

5. Be aware of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

6. If you feel that you are being bullied or harassed on VSCO please see our article Bullying and Harassment on VSCO. 

7. If you would rather not allow certain VSCO users to interact with you or your content, see our article on Blocking.

If you feel your emotional or physical well being is threatened, please reach out to someone who can help, or to contact your local law enforcement.