How Do I Use RAW?

RAW file formats offer incredible creative control over an image by providing you with an uncompressed file, unlike JPG or other compressed file formats.


Please note that RAW capture within the VSCO app is no longer available. 


A few things to note about RAW on VSCO

1. RAW support is available for iPhone 6 and newer Apple devices. Please note that you cannot use the in-app VSCO Camera to capture RAW on an iPhone 6, but you can import and edit RAW files.

2. RAW support is not available on any Android device at this time.

3. VSCO currently does not offer the option to export the original RAW images that were imported into the VSCO Studio. You can still edit the RAW file and export as a JPG.

4. We offer the option to save a RAW DNG file to your Camera Roll that was captured using the in-app VSCO Camera. See How to Capture RAW and JPG below.

5. Most RAW files from DSLR, mirrorless, and non-mobile cameras are supported by Apple. Here is a list of supported camera makes / models on Apple / iOS 


Capturing RAW

To capture a RAW photo with the in-app VSCO camera, tap on the on your Studio icon Stuido.png and tap on the Camera icon Screen_Shot_2019-06-13_at_11.05.56_AM.png in the upper left corner.




Tap on the RAW icon to enable RAW capture.




Importing RAW files 

Tap on the Import icon + in your Studio Screen_Shot_2019-09-23_at_3.39.56_PM.png

Tap on the RAW files you want to import and then tap on the checkmark to confirm.

RAW images will have “RAW” labeled at the import screen.



Editing in RAW

Here is a list of the tools that can be used specifically for RAW editing:

    • RAW Exposure
    • RAW Temperature
    • RAW Tint
    • RAW Shadows Save
    • RAW Highlights Save
    • RAW Clarity

Here is a side by side comparison of recovering an underexposed image using the exposure tool:



If you are shooting a scene with bright highlights, slightly underexposing an image shot in RAW will help to retain as much image detail as possible.

All digital camera sensors have better capability on recovering details in shadow than in highlights.

An example in where you could expose for the highlights would be when capturing sunset.