Collection: How to Use Collections

Collections lets you tap into the reserves of inspiration already present on VSCO®. Find what moves you, and share what you choose to curate by publishing it to your Collection.

When in Explore or Search double tap the images that inspire you the most to save them to your Library. When you’re ready to publicly showcase a body of work, select from those saved images to publish to your Collection.

Collections is a web based feature only available on your mobile device. It will require you to be on a WIFI or cellular connection just as if you were exploring VSCO on a mobile device.

Here are the steps on how to save and publish images to your Collection:

Once you are signed in, tap on the globe to view your feed.

Double tap the image to choose between "Publish to my profile" or "Save image" to your Collected Images library. The "Publish to my profile" option immediately publishes to your Collection. Whereas the "Save image" option saves the image to your Collected images.



You also have the option to choose between the two options in the detail view of an image:

If you choose the "Save image" option. Tap on the banner to view your Collected Images.


  • Another way to access your Collected Images:

Tap on the face to view your view your profile and tap on Collected Images Library.

Here, you’ll find your Collected images.

Tap on an image(s) to select it, then tap on the arrow to immediately publish it to your public Collection.

Tap the banner to view your published Collection.

View your published Collection.


  • To remove an image from your published Collection:

Tap the image and tap on the options menu.

Tap on remove.

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