Why are my presets and tools locked or missing?

If you cannot use a tool / preset or a preset is missing, you will need to sign into your VSCO Membership account or restore your preset purchases from the Shop.*

*Please note the VSCO Shop is no longer available. For more information, visit our article Where is the Shop?



Sign into VSCO account with Membership

If you sign into your VSCO account that has your Membership, you should have full access to the locked tools and presets.

If you have purchased a Membership but still do not have access to the tools and presets, please try signing into VSCO with any other emails, phone numbers, or usernames you can remember. This VSCO account may have your VSCO Membership. 

If your Membership is missing, please see our article My VSCO Membership is missing.


Previous preset purchases

If you previously purchased presets from the Shop, please follow the steps below to restore your presets. 

Tap on the Settings icon Settings.pngin the top left corner of your VSCO Profile Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_3.11.09_PM.png

If you are not signed in you will be prompted to sign in when you tap on your VSCO Profile. 

In the Settings menu, tap on Support and then Restore Purchases

IMG_5445.PNG     IMG_5446.PNG