How do I delete my VSCO Account?

At VSCO, it’s important to us that you have ownership of your creative journey, which includes controlling your content and your data. VSCO adheres to GDPR guidelines, more info can be found here.

To help you maintain that ownership, we offer you the options to download, correct, or delete your information.  

How do I access a copy of my personal data on VSCO?

To get a copy of your data, you can create a downloadable snapshot. A snapshot is a ZIP file of your content and data on VSCO, which can take up to two hours to create. Once created, you’ll have seven days to download the file.

To download a copy of your personal data on VSCO, please go to your VSCO Account page and select the ‘Create snapshot’ button near the bottom of the page. Please note that images in your Studio will not be included because they are stored locally on your client device.

How do I delete my VSCO account?

If you’d like to delete your content and data from VSCO, you have the option to delete your account. Once you submit your deletion request, it may take several hours to fully delete your data. During this time, your account may still be publicly viewable.


- Deleting your account includes deletion of your images, and mobile and desktop purchases. Once your account has been deleted, you won’t be able to reactivate your account or retrieve anything, and the VSCO profile name associated with your account cannot be used to create a new account or link to an existing account.

- For VSCO X members — Deleting your account will not automatically cancel your VSCO X membership. To cancel your VSCO X membership, visit our help center.

In order to permanently delete your account, please go to your VSCO Account page and select the ‘Delete My Data’ button near the bottom of the page. You must be logged in order to enable this. Please note that deleting your VSCO account cannot be undone.

If you’d prefer to keep your content and data on VSCO but would like to disable your account temporarily, you can deactivate your account by following the instructions listed here.