I'm Seeing a "Missing Profiles" Error in Lightroom

We have found that if you are running Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 or 7.3.1 you may experience the 'profile missing' error when applying a VSCO Film preset.

First, we ask that you update to the latest version pf Lightroom Classic CC if you have not already done so. Adobe fixed many issues on 7.3, so updated to 7.3.1 will help address these issues. 

You will see this error occur if you have applied a VSCO Film preset created for a camera brand that is different from the camera brand RAW file you are editing. For example: If you use a Canon camera and you apply a VSCO Film - Leica preset to this Canon RAW file, this error will display.

To resolve this issue:

1. Select 'Develop' in the top right corner of Lightroom

2. Select the image displaying at the bottom of the screen in your library view. 

3. Right click on the image, select 'Develop settings>Reset.' 

4. This will reset any previous VSCO Film preset and other edits you have applied to the image. 

After you have completed this, please be sure to apply the correct VSCO Film preset to your RAW file. If you are shooting Canon, only apply VSCO Film Canon presets to your Canon RAW files to achieve accurate results. 

If you are edit JPEG files, please use the VSCO Film Standard (S) presets on your JPEG files.