How to subscribe to a VSCO Membership

The best way to begin your creative journey with VSCO is with our VSCO Membership.

We offer an Annual Membership and a Monthly VSCO Membership. 

If you'd like to start an Annual Membership, You can follow this link to try out a free 7 day trial of a VSCO Membership.

Monthly VSCO Memberships do not include a free trial. 

In the VSCO app, tap on the Membership icon Screen_Shot_2019-09-20_at_2.27.09_PM.png in the bottom right corner.

On the VSCO Membership page, tap on 'Subscribe Now' to start your free 7-day VSCO Membership trial.

Please note we only offer one free 7-day trial per customer for Annual Memberships


If you are editing a photo and would like to try out a VSCO Membership, tap on any preset that is locked and follow the steps to begin a free trial. 




Please note that at the end of the free 7-day trial, you will be charged for one year of a VSCO Membership.

This is a one year subscription that is paid yearly.

We also offer a Monthly VSCO Membership that is paid monthly. This does not include a free 7-day trial. 

Our prices vary across different markets. We encourage you to check your app store for the pricing in your region. 

Depending on the device and operating system you are using, the purchase of the subscription will be made through Apple or Google, and not through VSCO.

If you want to cancel your trial please see our article How to Manage, Cancel, or Request a Refund for Your VSCO Membership