Made for Samsung VSCO app FAQ

VSCO has released an exclusive app on the Samsung Galaxy Store called the Made for Samsung VSCO app. This app includes 4 presets that are exclusive to the app, which are Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night.

Made for Samsung will be abbreviated as MFS throughout this article.


Can I download these Made for Samsung presets in the VSCO app for iOS or Android?

No, these presets are only available within the Made for Samsung VSCO app found in Samsung's Galaxy store.


Is there anything different about the Made for Samsung app versus the regular VSCO app for iOS and Android?

The only difference between the apps are the exclusive presets found in the Made for Samsung VSCO app. 


Where do I access the MFS exclusive presets?

You will need to open the Edit view with a photo in order to find the presets. They will be located in the preset tray and labeled as SM1, SM2, SM3 and SM4.


If I subscribed to the VSCO membership on the VSCO app and want to use my VSCO membership on the Made for Samsung VSCO app, can I do this?

Yes, if you wish to use your VSCO membership that was purchased on either the VSCO app all you need to do is sign into the same account you used to purchase your VSCO membership with on the MFS app. If the VSCO membership doesn't appear, please try restoring your subscription.


I purchased a VSCO membership within the MFS app and would like to cancel and/or request a refund.

For information on how to cancel your VSCO memership, please see:

For information on how to request a refund, please see the Payment and Purchase FAQ found here: 


I deleted the MFS app and/or deleted the VSCO app and lost my images. Is there a way to retrieve these?

Unfortunately, if you deleted either app, the app data (your images) were also deleted as well. We recommend to regularly backup your Android device using an app or service, or export any images you wish to keep on a regular basis.