My images are missing in VSCO

Any images that you import into VSCO are stored locally within the app and on the device. 
To prevent the loss of any images in your VSCO app, we recommend to backup the VSCO app daily. 
For more information on how to backup your device, see our article How Do I Create a Backup and Restore from a Back Up?

Will I lose my images in my Studio if I delete the VSCO app?

If you delete the VSCO app without backing up your device to a cloud service or a computer you will permanently loose your images.
If you choose to delete the VSCO app, you will receive a pop-up warning that states "deleting this app will also delete its data." The VSCO Studio which contains your images is included in this data.
Before any re-install of VSCO, you will want to ensure to backup your device either to a cloud service or your computer. 
Unfortunately, VSCO cannot restore any images that are lost if the VSCO app is deleted without being backed up first.

I switched devices and can no longer see my images in my Studio in VSCO. 

If you replace your current device or switch to a new device, you will need to restore the backup of your old device onto your new device to see your images that you had imported into VSCO.
If you do not backup the VSCO app on your old device, your images will not be available in your Studio on the new device.

Can I recover an image that I deleted in my Studio?

If you deleted an image from your Studio, there is no immediate way to recover the image.
If you create a daily backup of your device, you can restore your device from the previous day's backup to retrieve this image.
Please note this method will only work if your device was backed up before the image was deleted. 

Can I recover an image that I deleted from my VSCO Profile?

We do not offer the ability to restore a deleted image from your VSCO Profile. You will need to reupload the image to your VSCO Profile. 


Can I download images from my VSCO Profile?

Yes, you can download images you uploaded to your VSCO Profile by following the steps in the article How Do I Save My Images from my Profile?