Storing Photos on VSCO

How we store photos has changed

To free up space on your device, VSCO no longer stores copies of your photos in your Studio. You’ll see your edited photos and videos in Studio, but to save them permanently, you’ll need to save them back to your Camera Roll or Gallery. This update will not remove any photos that you previously had in your Studio prior to the update. However, these photos will be removed if you delete the app at any point. 

Here's what you need to know about this change to editing with VSCO:

  • Imported photos in Studio: Deleting any imported photos from your Camera Roll will also remove them from VSCO. In order to keep your work, make sure to save to your camera roll after editing.
  • Edits made in Camera Roll: When you make edits to your original photo in your Camera Roll, these edits will appear on the imported photo in VSCO.
  • Backup your device: We encourage you to regularly backup your device to avoid losing photos. Any photos deleted from your Camera Roll or Gallery will also be removed from VSCO and you’ll no longer have access to them. Details on how to backup your device can be found here.