Using the Clarity Tool

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Adjust large details with Clarity.



What is Clarity?

Where Sharpenmceclip0.jpgenhances small details, Clarity mceclip1.jpg enhances larger details, sitting somewhat between the Sharpen tool mceclip0.jpg and the Contrast toolmceclip2.jpg in its effect. By increasing the differences between larger details, the Claritymceclip1.jpg tool can make an image seem “more clear”, hence the name clarity. Due to its internal complexity, this tool currently only works on still images.


Sharpen vs. Clarity

Where it is:


Why would you use it?

Claritymceclip1.jpg is especially useful for reducing haze, blurriness, and emphasizing texture. Often, haze and blur can add to the mood of the photo, but when they don't the Clarity tool can combat them.



Images that suffer from blurriness or haze are great candidates for correction from the Clarity tool.


Additionally, when the texture of a scene is important, the Clarity tool can help increase textures to make an image more interesting. Walls, streets, water, grass, clouds, clothing, natural landscapes, and many other subjects have textures that can be enhanced with the clarity tool. 

However, when unwanted texture exists (such as skin details) the Clarity tool may not be appropriate.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Pinch to zoom in on your image to see the Clarity tool’s effect on details more clearly.

2. Be careful not to over-clarify, as images can take on a harsh look to them when this tool is pushed too far.

3. Double tapping the slider returns it to 0.

4. Try increasing Clarity to emphasize texture.


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