Using the Borders Tool

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Add a frame with Borders.



What are Borders?

Borders are solid color frames that can be placed around photos with adjustable size. Colors can be chosen from a list of preset colors, or from the image itself by tapping the + button and tapping the spot you want to choose a color from.

The Borders toolmceclip0.jpg automatically fills into a square format, and the size of the border can be adjusted with the slider.


Where it is:



Why would you use it?

By using a border of the same color as an important color in your image, you can accent that color further. If one of the preset colors doesn't match your image, you can also create a custom color from the image itself.


Here, none of the stock color fit quite right, so we experiment with different colors from the image.


By using a complementary color of a dominant color in your image, you can create color harmony with a border, which can vastly change its feel.


By adding a white border, you can shrink the size of the image when published against a white background. By adding a gray or black border, you can give an image a classy look that sets it apart.




Tips & Tricks:

1. No other tools impact the Borders toolmceclip1.jpg, so it may work best to select your border at the end of your editing process.
2. Great border images start at the time of capture. Look for subjects and compositions that feature a strong color, and then use a border to accent that color.
3. By exporting a bordered image and then re-importing it back into the borders tool, you can create multi color borders.



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