Using the Vignette Tool

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Darken the edges to bring focus to the middle with Vignette.




What is Vignette?

Vignette (vi-nyet) is the darkening of the edges of an image or video that naturally occurs in all lenses to some degree. Since lenses are circular, the shape of vignetting is always circular, causing the edges of a rectangular image to progressively get darker towards the corners.

Modern smartphone cameras all have a natural vignette that is removed in the image you see. However, sometimes the effect has creative uses that may contribute to the impact of your subject. Thus, the Vignette toolmceclip0.jpg allows you to add a natural-looking vignette effect back into your image.

Where it is:


Why would you use it?

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the brighter areas of an image, and for this reason the vignette tool is often used as a way to increase attention to the middle of the frame. Portraits are especially common candidates for vignetting, as the subject is commonly in the middle of the photo.

Additionally, many cheap or old cameras have a strong vignette effect. Thus, if you’re going for a more vintage look, a bit of vignetting can add to that aesthetic. 


Here, we can see the focus of the image being pulled into the middle as the edges darken.


Here, we apply vignetting to get a more vintage camera effect. (Also kind of looks like a telescope in this image)


Here, the details of the ground are lost because they are brighter than the center portion. The vignette tool successfully darkens the edges, recovering detail and drawing focus to the rock in the middle.

Tips & Tricks

1. The Vignette toolmceclip0.jpg is soft and subtle, so it’s ok to push the control up higher than some other tools. 

2. The Vignette toolmceclip0.jpg is applied before presets internally, and thus it can help create additional color contrast with presets that push darker tones towards another color, such as C1.

3. Try combining with the Grain toolmceclip1.jpg and Film X presets for an especially vintage look.


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